Peer mediation

Médiation par les pairs


Peer mediation is youth problem solving with the help of other youth. 
It is a process by which, two sides having an argument, meet in the school’s Peer Mediation office, which provides a private, safe and confidential setting, and they work out their problem, with the assistance of two trained mediators.

The aim

  • Find a solution, which both sides are happy with, and which will avoid further arguments;
  • Improve the overall school atmosphere;
  • Stop bullying in our school.


  • Reduces disciplinary measures;
  • Reduces the number of conflicts;
  • Empowers students to learn to resolve disputes by themselves

Peer Mediation project

  • The Peer Mediation project in our school has been running since September 2012;
  • Peer Mediators of European School Luxembourg II have elected 3 representatives which, with the help of the 3 coaches, run the project throughout the school year;
  • Each mediator has followed a 3 weekend training program, organised by the SNJ & Peer Mediation Luxembourg. All qualified mediators have a mediator’s diploma. 

The Peer Mediation office is open every day from 10:20-10:40 by a pair of mediators on guard, ready to help.

The mediators are supported by 3 trained coaches: Mrs. Le Goaller, Mrs Pomar and Mr Nestoras