Médiation par les pairs

Médiation par les pairs


La médiation par les pairs est la résolution de problèmes par les jeunes avec l'aide d'autres jeunes.

Il s'agit d'un processus par lequel deux parties se rencontrent au bureau de médiation par les pairs de l'école, qui offre un cadre privé, sûr et confidentiel, et ils règlent leur problème, avec l'aide de deux médiateurs formés.

The aim

  • Find a solution, which both sides are happy with, and which will avoid further arguments;
  • Improve the overall school atmosphere;
  • Stop bullying in our school.


  • Reduces disciplinary measures;
  • Reduces the number of conflicts;
  • Empowers students to learn to resolve disputes by themselves

Peer Mediation project

  • The Peer Mediation project in our school has been running since September 2012;
  • Peer Mediators of European School Luxembourg II have elected 3 representatives which, with the help of the 3 coaches, run the project throughout the school year;
  • Each mediator has followed a 3 weekend training program, organised by the SNJ & Peer Mediation Luxembourg. All qualified mediators have a mediator’s diploma. 

The Peer Mediation office is open every day from 10:20-10:40 by a pair of mediators on guard, ready to help.

The mediators are supported by 3 trained coaches: Mrs. Le Goaller, Mrs Pomar and Mr Nestoras