Subject and language options

The curriculum for all the language sections is identical and subject to the same requirements, with the exception of teaching the first language. All the language sections prepare the students for the same examination: the European Baccalaureate. These curricular programs are developed by the Inspection Council and then approved by the Joint Teaching Committee of the European Schools.

The general curriculum in the European Schools allows for a progression of mandatory courses as well as the inclusion of certain electives chosen by the families.

Each year families will receive information packets explaining possible course choices. They will also be notified of the dates of meetings for particular grade levels where these choices will be decided.

For Primary School...

In Primary School, emphasis is placed on learning the student’s first language, gaining skills in mathematics, and progressing in their first foreign language. The curriculum also includes art, music, physical education, science discovery, and social studies. Additionally, students participate in “European Hours” when they join with students of other nationalities and work together on a variety of activities.

In the first year of the Primary School cycle, students choose which language to study as their first foreign language (L2). They also opt for either a nondenominational Morals/Ethics class or a Religion class.

For Secondary School...

  • For the first three years of the Secondary School cycle, students follow a common curriculum referred to as the “cycle d’observation” or Observation Cycle. Most subjects are taught in the student’s first language.
  • Starting in the first year of the Secondary School cycle, all students choose a second foreign language (L3) to study.
  • In the second year of Secondary School, Latin is offered as an option.
  • By the third year of Secondary School, humanities courses and Religion or Morals/Ethics classes are taught in the student’s first foreign language (L2). Students who chose to study Latin in their second year continue those classes. For the other students, a computer science class (ICT) is offered.
  • For the fourth and fifth years of Secondary School, general science classes are specialized as physics, biology, or chemistry. Students may also choose between regular and advanced mathematics. Other course options include economics, a third foreign language (L4) and ancient Greek.
  • The sixth and seventh years of Secondary School work together as preparation for the Baccalaureate. There is still a mandatory core curriculum that includes first language, first foreign language (L2), math, one of the sciences, philosophy, physical education, history, and geography. Students may also choose from a wide array of elective classes that are offered for two periods, four periods, or at an advanced level.