Since its establishment in June 2014, the FairTrade Committee has worked to raise awareness about equitable trade products and organize demonstrations supporting responsible purchasing practices. Among other projects, they mount theatrical presentations and participate in the Christmas Market. On 13 February 2015, the school received certification as a « FairTrade School ».

What is a « FairTrade School »?

« FairTrade School » is a label given to secondary schools that promote the idea of equitable commerce. Schools adopt FairTrade practices and raise the visibility of FairTrade campaigns.

What’s the idea behind a « FairTrade School »?

A « FairTrade School » provides learning opportunities for its students. It encourages students to:

  • become involved in day-to-day activities that promote greater equity in the global market
  • directly support small producers in developing countries
  • learn more about living and working conditions in these countries.

What are necessary criteria to be «FairTrade School»?

To manage its FairTrade goals, the school forms a « FairTrade School » Committee that includes both students and teachers.

What is the FairTrade Committee?

The mission of the « FairTrade School » Committee is to:

  • implement a « FairTrade School » policy for its own school establishment
  • write a summary report of FairTrade activities for the end of the school year
  • verify that the criteria for a « FairTrade School » are being met and that they evolve appropriately over time.

A « FairTrade School » also works to : 

  • include ideas about equitable commerce into classes from appropriately related subjects (geography, economics, religion, morals/ethics, etc.)
  • organize large-scale awareness campaigns at least once a year to promote equitable commerce
  • introduce the use of FairTrade labeled products in the staff and conference rooms on a permanent basis
  • offer FairTrade labeled drinks and snacks in the vending machines
  • maintain FairTrade awareness and visibility (publishing articles for the school papers, posting on the school’s website, etc.)
  • educate the school community about the significance of its « FairTrade School » designation and post the certificate in a visible place.


For more information, please visit the FairTrade website.