The Canteen Committee

The Canteen Committee was formed following a decision made by the school’s Advisory Committee on 20 November, 2012.

The goal of the Committee is to represent the interests of the different parties using the canteen program to the school’s catering provider.

In addition, this committee oversees quality control for the food service and can make decisions that are in the best interests of the students and staff who dine in the canteen regularly.

The Committee brings together:

  • representatives from the Parent’s Association (APEEEL2)
  • teachers representing each school cycle
  • student representatives from the Student Council
  • staff representatives
  • members of the Directors’ Offices
  • the food service team from our provider, Eurest

The Canteen Committee meets four times each year. Minutes from the meetings are available online from the school’s website (…) .

Canteen committee reports

You will find our meeting reports under this section. It is published few weeks after each Canteen Committee.

2022-2023 Canteen Committee Reports



2021-2022 school year reports

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2020-2021 school year reports

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2017-2018 school year reports

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2018-2019 school year reports

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