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Football derby of the P5 pupils of Lux 2 against Lux 1

On 15 May, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European School Luxembourg II, 

our school hosted the long-awaited football derby between the P5 pupils of our school and a selection of P5 pupils from Lux 1 in bright sunshine.

For this day, our sports teachers Carole, Fadila and Georgios had formed three teams of 7 pupils. Each team was composed of 5 students and 2 girls.

On the Lux1 side, Nordine Zitane, sports teacher, was responsible for the formation of the teams.

At around 9.30 am, the Lux1 guests arrived by bus with Nordine and Mrs Sandra Ribic, Deputy Head of the Primary School at the Lux1 European School.

After the opening speech of our director, Mr van Daal, the tournament started at 10 am. Two groups were formed and each match lasted 2x5 minutes. Four SEC students volunteered to referee the match and they all did a great job.

Throughout the morning, the P5 classes were able to come and watch and encourage the players in the stands of the sports field. There was a really great atmosphere.

After the third place match, won by a team from Lux1, the final took place at 12.20 pm. In the meantime, the spectators in the stands had spread out around the football field and were cheering on the teams. The battles were intense and the winner of the tournament was decided at the end: Team 2 from Lux1 narrowly won against a team from Lux2.

At the prize-giving ceremony that followed, all participating students, teachers and referees received medals and diplomas. In addition to the prizes for places 1 to 3, fair play diplomas were awarded to two teams and participation certificates to all others.

At the end of the tournament we invited our guests from Lux1 for a snack, which we ate together in the playground.

It was a great event and gave us the opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues from Lux1. We are sure to organise such a tournament next year, at Lux1, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this school.

Special thanks to Sébastien and Denis from the technical department, who provided good sound and music between the games.

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