Learning support

Learning support

To help support students with special educational needs, the school can take measures, based on available resources, to support their learning experience. The European School Luxembourg II follows an educational support policy based on official documentation approved by the Board of Governors for European Schools.

Any student at one time or another may experience the need for learning support. Different types and levels of support are available in order to provide the best response to a student’s particular needs. These support measures allow students to progress and develop according to their potential and to have a successful school experience.

To meet the needs of each student, teachers may adapt their approach to respond to any identified challenges. A diversified teaching method allows for differentiated education that can address a variety of needs. When, however, this differentiated practice is not sufficient, the school offers a range of support options.

The three types of learning support are:

  • General
  • Moderate
  • Intensive

Students may find that for any variety of reasons they need support in one specific area or discipline, they need to catch up in a particular subject or skill, or they have moderate learning difficulties or special needs. Support is flexible and varies according to the development and progress of each student.

We speak more about it on the European Schools website.

For practical details, our pupils parents can consult the Memorandum for parents.