Association des Parents d'Elèves de l’Ecole Européenne Luxembourg II


Our Mission

To continue building a multicultural school community based on trust and dialogue that nurtures each student’s individual skills, talents, and aspirations.

To contact APEEEL2

Visit their website.


APEEEL2: Who we are

  • APEEEL2 is a non-profit organization registered under Luxembourgish law.
  • APEEEL2 is the only official representative association of parents at EELII that is recognized by the European Schools statutes. All parents of students attending the European School Luxembourg II are represented.
  • The Management Committee for APEEEL2 is comprised of volunteer parents who are elected every year by the registered members of the Association.


Our objectives

  • To represent the views of parents and facilitate direct communication between the parents and the school.
  • To support the work of the school and continue contributing to the best interests of the students.
  • To act as a true and honest partner for the school in making decisions that affect our children’s education.
  • To provide extracurricular sports and artistic activities to all students in the school.


What we do

  • We are active participants in the Educational Councils for the school. We also play a role in the School Advisory Council and Administrative Board meetings. Some of our other committees include Library, Health and Safety, and Canteen.
  • We offer advice to parents on a wide array of topics (choosing course options, discipline, bullying, ONL, academic support, SWALS etc.).
  • We support and collaborate with the school in organizing various projects:
    • A choice of activities (language exchanges, school trips, the Mérite Jeunesse program, etc.)
    • Special events (School Fête, Baccalaureate ceremony, etc.)
    • Specific initiatives (lectures and discussion for parents, COffee MOrning NEtworking, Forum des Métiers, etc.)
  • We coordinate the network of class delegates
  • We maintain a Social Fund to provide financial assistance in certain circumstances
  • We are a statutory member of the School Cooperative that was recently established to organize the elective school trips.
  • We also actively support our partner associations: Actions without Borders, ATSEEE, Fairtrade, Les Mots de Zaza, etc.
  • We organize and manage extracurricular activities at European School Lux 2.


How to join APEEEL2

APEEEL2 could not function without the financial support of our paying members.

The annual membership fee is 50€ for each family.

If you are not yet a member, please follow the link to find out more.


We remind you that to participate in extracurricular activities, membership is obligatory.