Means of transport

The European School Luxembourg II promotes sustainable development practices and encourages the use of public transportation or other forms of transportation with a low environmental impact.

The safety of our students is a priority, particularly during high traffic periods in the mornings and afternoons. Extra security and supervision is provided on the bus platforms and at the school entryways to help guide students who are arriving or departing without their parents. Nursery and Primary School students will be accompanied at the beginning and end of the school day. Parents who wish their Nursery and Primary School students to be included in this service must sign-up for it using a form distributed by the classroom teacher at the start of the school year. 

By Bus

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There are three kinds of bus transport available at the European School Luxembourg II.

1) Public Bus Service: 

  • Line n° 28 stops directly on our campus
  • Lines n°8, 26, 27, 218, 222, 240, 250, 255, 260 have nearby bus stops (Mamer-Tossebierg, Bertrange-Wassertuerm and Bertrange-Belle Etoile)

Schedules and passenger information can be found online on "Ville de Luxembourg" website.

2) School Bus Service under the authority of APEEEL2: The Parents’ Association, APEEEL2.

  • Lines n° 92 through 98;
  • Lines Bertrange 1, Mamer 1 and Mamer 2.

Schedules and passenger information can be found online on the APEEEL2 website.

3) School Bus Service under the authority of ATSEEE: The school’s Transport Association, ATSEEE

  • Lines n° 70 through 89
  • Supervised Shuttle Buses that run between our school and various stops near the European Institutions in Luxembourg

Schedules and passenger information can be found online on the ATSEEE website.

By train

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All information for getting to and from school using the train can be found online on the CFL website.

For security reasons, the school does not recommend that children under the age of 12 travel on the train without an adult or other authorized person. 

By bicycle or on foot

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The school is accessible from the National Bike Path PC 13 « Nicolas Frantz » and from municipal bike paths within the communes of Bertrange and Mamer. There are five bicycle parking areas on our campus that are easily accessed from the bike paths.


By car

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Getting to school by car is another possibility. As a transportation option, however, it may not always be the easiest choice due to traffic congestion and parking restrictions, as well as for its environmental impact.

Driving regulations are in force on all access roads to the school. Please remember to drive slowly and carefully around all of the school buildings. The speed limit is 30km/hour. Buses, bicycles, and pedestrians, particularly children, always have the right of way.

Always be aware of children moving through the school grounds. As children may not always be attentive to road regulations on campus, please make sure to drive with extra care.

Parking lots and drop off zones are available for use by the school community. Access to parking is monitored, and parking outside of designated spots may be subject to penalties. Additional parking restrictions include:

  • Parking is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes
  • The school parking lots should not be used as a « Park and Ride ».
  • For visits to the school longer than 30 minutes drivers may request a parking permit from the security guard in either the Nursery or Primary Buildings. Permits are placed on the dashboard, visible through the windshield of the car.

The parking areas have specific designations.

  • The parking lot at the entrance to the campus is reserved for the Nursery and Primary Schools.
  • A drop-off zone, or « Kiss & Go », is located in front of the Administration building.
  • Visitor parking can be found along the side of the Administration building.
  • The two other parking lots are reserved for EEL2 staff.

Please be attentive to areas reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, or buses.