Internship applications

Applications for internships should be sent by email to specifying ‘Internship Department’ in the subject line.

In order to analyse your application and forward it to the appropriate cycle, we need a complete file including:

  • a motivation letter in which you specify in which cycle and in which field,
  • a CV,   
  • a copy of your diplomas,
  • a school certificate, 
  • an internship agreement from your school,
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • a copy of your health insurance card, 
  • a police record authorising you to work with minors. 

Important information: we only accept unpaid work internships.

If the internship is equal or superior to 4 weeks, trainees will have to provide, beforehand, a certificate of exemption from the obligation of compensation for the internship employer. 

Trainees can ask this certificate at the Ministry by post or by e-mail at:

For more information, please visit: 

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Internship applications