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What is the current situation in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic?

The Luxembourg Government’s objective is to implement a gradual exit from confinement in phases while remaining cautious to avoid the onset of a second wave of the epidemic.

In general, this means that all members of society must absolutely continue to

  • apply the basic barrier gestures and support them with other specific measures to reduce as far as possible the risk of uncontrolled spread of the virus – including in the workplace,
  • protect vulnerable people in particular.

For more information, please check:  https://coronavirus.gouvernement.lu/en/citoyens.html

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How does this impact school organization and learning?

Both European Schools in Luxembourg extensively consulted internal and external stakeholders on possible actions and measures to be implemented internally, taking into account the current situation and health recommendations to deal with Covid-19.

It is decided that in order to respect the specificities of the European Schools, the well-being and educational needs of our pupils and students, as well as decisions taken at national level, while focusing on the preservation of the interests and safety of our pupils, students and other users of our facilities, only levels P1 and P5 will resume teaching in situ as from the 26.05.2020.

Classes regarding P1 and P5 levels will resume on an alternating basis which will ensure the continuity of teaching and learning while reducing the number of pupils simultaneously present in the classes by 50%.

During the period from 25 May until 05 June, we will assess again the situation and decide whether one additional level of Primary cycle might return to “in situ” lessons as of 09 June at the earliest. Relevant information will be communicated during the second half of the week of 01 June.

It is not yet foreseen that Nursery cycle classes, all remaining Primary cycle levels as well as Secondary cycle will return to “in situ” lessons before the end of this school year 2019/2020, anyway distance teaching and learning will be continued for these levels and classes until 03 July 2020. We will continuously monitor and assess the evolution of the situation.

For more information, please check dedicated sections: Distance learningin-class teachingsecondary cycleprimary cyclenursery cycle.