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Concert de gala

On Tuesday 23.05.2023, a Gala Concert will take place at the SDF on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the European School Luxembourg II, starting at 18:00. In the first as well as in the second part, pieces whose composers or performers can be assigned to the 6 language sections of the secondary school (English, Danish, German, Greek, Italian and French sections) will be performed. In addition, the primary school contributes pieces of music for the Slovakian, Romanian, Hungarian and Czech sections.

The school's ensembles (orchestra, student choir, teacher choir) as well as the classes S1-DEA, S3-ELA, S2-ITA, S4-Music and soloists from the secondary school are also involved. One parent of each of the students performing in the concert will be given the opportunity to listen in the SDF. The concert is to be streamed so that the concert can also be heard at other locations. The link to the streaming will be sent in due time.

Gala concert poster