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Classic stars at school : ARCIS SAXOPHONE QUARTETT

On Monday May 14th 2018, a saxophone quartet from München came to our school and played a little concert in the Studio of our school.

The four musicians - Claus Hierluksch soprano saxophone, Ricarda Fuss alto saxophone, Edoardo Zotti tenor saxophone and Jure Knez baritone saxophone – paid us a visit in the frame of their concert nights at the Philharmonie. They played classical melodies they rearranged, but also some jazz standards.

The pupils participated from time to time and spoke about the invention of the saxophone, while the performers presented different instruments.

At the end of the small show, the pupils had again the chance to ask questions. The students really enjoyed the concert and have learned a lot about this instrument, as well as its inventor Adolphe Sax, and the different styles of music that can be played on a saxophone. Many thanks to the musicians for that great afternoon !

Tim Röder, S4DE